Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Because of our location in the Southeast US, RMF offers a number of integrated logistics services to our customers whose parts originate in other parts of the US and around the world but end up in our region for assembly. Among the 3PL services we offer are transportation, warehousing, inventory management, packaging, and freight forwarding. For years we have offered logistics coordination for our customers and in 2013 we added full third party logistics as a core competency. Our logistics personnel have the knowledge and IT systems to meet the requirements of today’s supply chain.

This service eliminates waste from the supply chain, saving our customers time while reducing the travel and inventory levels.

Parts Sorting & Third Party Inspection

RMF offers sorting, inspection, and containment services for customers in our supply chain. Many of the lower tier suppliers produce parts outside the Southeast US, and in many cases overseas, making RMF the logical responder when quality problems arise. We provide labor for various sorting and inspections including:

  • Visual inspection for color and finish.
  • Visual inspection for part drawing characteristics.
  • Gauging and measurement for compliance to drawing specification.
  • Visual verification for packaging and labeling.

Light Assembly

In many cases, after we plate, ecoat, or powdercoat a part, our customers have to perform additional light assembly before forwarding the parts to their customer. We offer to perform those operations as a means of removing waste from the supply chain. If we can provide the light assembly (placing a rubber boot on a tube, labeling, capping, bending, etc.) instead of shipping the parts back to our customer, we can save time and travel, which adds to the profitability of the job for our customer.