RMF Going Above & Beyond

A huge thank you from KMC for the excellent work and the effort to support us through a very difficult situation! Everyone at RMF has gone above and beyond in making sure that we have timely deliveries and accurate communication on our Hitachi parts. While we still have some work to do, I’m confident the worst is behind us.

Dean, you told me last Monday that RMF would help in any way you could, and you’ve done just that and more. Please pass on our appreciation to the entire team at RMF.

BILL SCALLON  |  Vice President of Sales and Marketing


RMF Receives Pretreatment Program Compliance Awards

RMF received the Renewable Water Resources (ReWa) compliance awards for both facilities in recognition of exhibiting excellent environmental stewardship to the surrounding Greater Greenville community. RMF has exhibited 100% compliance with Pretreatment Program requirements during 2019. This is a major accomplishment, and RMF works diligently in the areas of environmental and public health protection.