We offer a variety of zinc & zinc alloy finishes. Choose a finish to learn more about its advantages and our capabilities.

Passivates & Topcoats

As part of our zinc and zinc alloy finishing processes, we offer environmentally friendly passivates and topcoats that:

  • Are available in clear, black and yellow colors. (Contact us for process availability)
  • Can be applied over zinc or zinc alloys.
  • Are free of chromium, nickel, mercury, and lead.
  • Are non-electrically applied (no risk of hydrogen embrittlement).
  • Can exceed 1,000 hours salt spray (DIN 50021 SS, ASTM B633).
  • Have minimal coating thickness.
  • Can withstand high temperatures (180C) without reducing corrosion protection or optical appearance.
  • Come with a number of friction coefficient options.
  • Are chemical resistant – fuel/brake fluid, etc.