Roy Metal Finishing Co., Inc. (RMF), the largest electroplating job shop in the Southeast, provides barrel and rack zinc and zinc alloy plating. In addition to zinc, zinc nickel, and zinc iron, we offer heavy zinc phosphating, passivation, water soluble dipspin coatings, sorting, and boxing. RMF is a subsidiary of Aalberts N.V., a technology company, which employs approximately 16,000 people with more than 150 locations in 50 countries. RMF and Aalberts operate with similar core values focusing on integrity, accountability, quality and safety.

Market Standards

Since many of our clients are in the automotive industry, we provide high standards on plating quality, detailed performance documentation, and flexible logistics to meet the needs of domestic and international suppliers. In addition to serving the automotive industry, we also serve the industrial and consumer products industries.

Constant Improvement

We believe in constantly upgrading our machinery, improving our processes, and developing our associates. Our key markets continue to include the automotive and heavy equipment industries.
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