This order was turned around in less than 48 hrs! Outstanding!


I would like to take this time to let you know how much Bunty LLC and I appreciate The Roy Metal Team. Your team’s level of service, responsiveness, on time delivery, quality, and willingness/ability to expedite orders far exceeds all other vendors!

In our business we have a high percentage of orders with a very short lead time. Of course it becomes even more difficult, to meet these due dates, when parts must go to an outside service process that we cannot control. But, you and your team manage this very well!

Jaime is always quick to respond to our requests. Alex and Danny are always willing to go the extra mile and make a seemingly impossible delivery date possible. Such as the case with this order of 1,800 pcs to be zinc plated. This order was turned around in less than 48 hrs! Outstanding! This is just one example of the amazing effort and team work we, at Bunty LLC, witness and receive from Roy Metal week in and week out with every single order.

I know that these three individuals are not the only ones that deserve credit, so please let every person involved know how much we appreciate their efforts and please pass this on to the appropriate people.

Thank you!!!!

Dan Cooper
Bunty LLC

Statue of Peg Leg Bates unveiled in downtown Greenville

The one-legged tap dancer who reached the heights of international fame despite his handicap is back in town.

A modernistic statue of him was unveiled this afternoon at the corner of Spring Street and East Washington Avenue near the former site of The Liberty Theater, where Bates was discovered by a New York producer in 1926, launching his start on the vaudeville circuit.

“The legend lives on,” Bates’ cousin, Camille Bates, told after the unveiling. “We’re just so happy that he’s been recognized.”

The statue is the city’s 62nd piece of public art, according to Ed Zeigler, chairman of the city’s Arts in Public Places Commission.

Another Bates relative, Veldon Bates, said he thought the statue, by sculptor Joseph B. Thompson, captured the essence of Bates’ perseverance in turning his handicap into a blessing.


Sculptor, Joseph B Thompson, right, unveiled his statue of Clayton ‘Peg Leg’ Bates today at the corner of Washington St. and Spring St.

– Ken Osburn, Staff

RMF is proud to have plated this work of art honoring such an amazing and talented local legend!

RMF receives Chrysler approval to process parts to their PS-8955 NI specification

Greenville County SC – March 25, 2013 – RMF received Chrysler approval to process parts to their PS-8955 NI specification for another processing line. It’s the fourth line at RMF to be approved to process parts for Chrysler. This line is a rack alkaline zinc nickel line located at the McDougall Court facility.